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Your dream forest may lie within. The forest you have entered in your dreams. An irreplaceable treasure, our children’s inheritance. Some of the world’s most important/beautiful forests documented in beautiful photographs and presented in a very well made site. An amazing multimedia experience that reconnects you to Earth. Link

The Real Thing: Photographer Luc Delahaye on Artnet

The Chernobyl disaster is one of the biggest disasters ever to hit our planet. In my opinion, it could actually be the biggest, as its longterm implications are mind-boggling. Looking at these photos I remember that most of the things that modern society teaches us are useless and that humans are going to destroy themselves […]

Pieter Hugo at Michael Stevenson Gallery Official Portfolio

An extensive photo journalistic research into the diamond industry. Covering nine countries (Angola, Sierra Leone, DR Congo, Belgium, India, France, Holland, United Kingdom), the story shows the roads a diamond takes from the mines in Africa to the consumer in the western world. Portfolio

More photos and info at The Marian Goodman Gallery.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia on Artnet


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