1. Aleksandar

    This is fantastic. So emotional and painful. Keep up the great work.

  2. bob

    that photo of the girl is fucking sick what the hell did she get shot lol haha

  3. @ bob

    lol bob LOL you’re so funny.

    Not really.

  4. Jesse

    To bob, you sir, are sick. This is not an lol picture. There’s nothing funny about tragedy. If entertainment was the motivation for the photographer to take this shot(which I hope it wasn’t) than that say’s something sick about the society we live in and renders this image and war photojournalism meaningless and banal. Fortunately, this is not the case. My hope is that you are somewhere below the average viewer and that htis is not the reaction most viewers have to this image.

  5. Deb

    Jesse, I agree with you, this is no laughing matter and most people would feel sympathy for the poor woman whether or not it was her or the dog thta was shot. Bob should be ashamed of himself for such a comment and you can tell how low class he is by the langauge he uses. He is not somebody I would waste my time with.

  6. FS

    The girl and her pet were shot by a Serbian sniper in Sarajevo.
    They were indiscriminately shooting innocent people during the
    civil war.
    This photo made by Luc Delahaye was awarded at
    World Press Photo 1994.


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