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More images on the artist’s website.

October 2007 – November 2008 on the photomonth website

Diary of annual photojournalism events on the foto8 website

More images from “Sandwich” here.

More images from “Case History” here.

Get recognized for your best black and white photography and have your work exhibited before the world’s most prestigious galleries, curators, publishers, and dealers of black and white photography at the 4th Annual Black and White Spider Awards presented by World Photographic Arts.

Early deadline: October 5th


Part 1 and Part 2

PS:Thanks to grafic for the tip.

The Aaron Siskind Foundation (also contains images from the artist’s portfolio)

Architectural Photographer of the Year in 2004, 2005 and 2006


It was a very busy (and particularly hot) summer. I’ve dedicated most of my time to discovering new places and taking photos of them, and stopped looking at other people’s work. As a result I had no time to post anything here. I’m now done with most of my traveling and as a result I’m slowly resuming this blog :)


for your contemporary photography needs.

all images are copyrighted to their authors and are displayed for strictly educational purposes.

also visit camera80, an online photography gallery showcasing the work of young Romanian photographers.


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